Bio-link Australia Pty. Ltd.

Bio-Link provides a comprehensive suite of services to its clients, focused on achieving the best commercial and strategic outcomes for their technology, project and business.

  • Consulting and Technology Analysis: strategic reviews covering technical aspects, intellectual property, commercial landscapes, and development plans for technologies and product development programs
  • Proactive business development, focused on identifying, engaging with, and closing deals with strategic partners on optimum terms to our clients
  • Sourcing of funding: assisting Bio-Link clients to access funding to support commercialisation activities and  research and development of their technologies, including from Australian (e.g., Commercialisation Australia, NHMRC) and US funding agencies (e.g., Philanthropies, NIH)
  • Commercial Project Management – assisting Bio-Link clients through the provision of commercially focused coordination of  research and development of their technologies.
  • Technology Scouting – Bio-Link has a broad network of contacts and relationships across Australia, and is able to leverage this network to identify and assess in-licensing opportunities for pharmaceutical and biotech company clients
  • Australian Representation – Bio-Link provides representation for international companies interested to enhance their businesses or client base in Australia.
  • Bio-Link Data Room – Bio-Link provides secure data room services to its clients for collation and sharing of confidential material, including for example data, due-diligence dossiers, and contracts.