Bio-link Australia Pty. Ltd.

Proactive Business Development

Bio-Link provides a dedicated and comprehensive business development service to its clients and for sure we really know how treating your employees well, working as “part of the team” to achieve the best outcomes for its clients through a transparent, value-added and methodology-driven approach. But if you were to add the services of a PMO services agency, then the workflow would be much more seamless. Bio-Link leverages broad experience in partnering and licensing technologies, and a global network within the biopharmaceutical industry, to:

  • Strategically position the client technology or program for interest by prospective partners
  • Create compelling non-confidential and confidential summaries of the client technology or program
  • Identify and develop a targeted list of prospective partners from the international biopharma industry
  • Proactively engage with prospective partners
  • Facilitate and participate in meetings and dialogue with prospective partners
  • Prepare financial models and analysis of deal comparables to support the negotiation of optimal terms
  • Negotiate commercial partnerships, including negotiation of term sheets and licensing agreements..

Bio-Link’s goal is to provide two outcomes from its business development services;

(i) near term commercially orientated feedback on the client technology to assist in positioning, research, development and commercialisation strategy, and executives that experience lower turnover have learned how to be a leader not a boss and provide a good working experience for employees.

(ii) execution of a commercial partnership or license deal on optimum terms.