Bio-link Australia Pty. Ltd.

Platform Technologies
Bio-Link’s portfolio of platform technologies that are available for licensing  and partnership include the following:

iVectors: Intelligently Designed Expression Vectors

GenoFAB is commercialising iVectors™, a new generation of intelligently designed, high-performance, custom protein expression vectors that have been optimized for upstream and downstream processing to rescue difficult-to-manufacture proteins.
GenoFAB utilizes rule-based design methods from synthetic biology to efficiently explore the unique design space of expression vectors of individual projects. Using big data and machine learning, GenoFAB delivers custom iVectors™ that have been optimized to meet the requirements of a specific drug development program. Summary (PDF)

Blockmir Technology to Selectively Up Regulate Therapeutic Targets and Neutralise Disease-Associated microRNA Activity

Mirrx Therapeutics A/S is commercialising innovative ”Blockmir” oligonucleotide technology, a proprietary therapeutic paradigm with potential to (i) enhance the protein expression of previously undruggable targets, and (ii) neutralise pathological microRNA expression via selective blockade of microRNA-based gene regulation. Blockmir drugs are differentiated, and expected to be superior to other technologies designed to enhance protein expression or modulate microRNA activity, benefiting from ease of design, promotion of endogenous, physiological and tissue-specific protein expression, attractive pharmacokinetics and formulation. Having generated exciting proof of principle data, Mirrx is now interested to enter into strategic collaborations to design, develop and commercialise Blockmir therapeutic drugs. Summary (PDF)