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24th December 2015 – Bio-Link Engaged by Oncology Venture

Bio-Link has been engaged by Oncology Venture to partner its clinical stage precision oncology drug candidates,

  • Irofulven – a phase II/III cytotoxic drug candidate under development together with a companion diagnostic technology (Irofulven DRP®) to identify patients highly likely to respond to therapy. Oncology Venture will soon commence a focused phase II trial of irofulven in highly likely patient responders with castration-resistant prostate cancer.
  • APO010 – a phase II-ready, highly potent Fas / CD95 / Apo1 agonist which mimics cytotoxic T-lymphocyte signalling to induce cancer cell apoptosis together with an immuno-companion diagnostic technology (APO010 DRP®) to identify patients highly likely to respond to therapy. Oncology Venture will soon commence phase II clinical studies in highly likely patient responders in metastatic breast cancer and multiple myeloma.

To read more about these partnering opportunities, please click here.

Oncology Venture

December 11th – CMRI awarded A$10mil grant from the ACRF

The Children’s Medical Research Institute has won a record-breaking A$10 million grant from the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. The A$10 million grant is one of the largest grants for medical research equipment in Australian history and will be used to establish The ACRF International Centre for the Proteome of Cancer (ProCan) at the Children’s Medical Institute in Westmead. The centre will be working to analyse tens of thousands of samples of cancer for precise protein levels in small biopsies. In phase two of the project, advanced computer analysis will compare the protein data with already available data for each cancer, providing a major step forward for cancer diagnosis and treatment. For more information, please see the press release.


8th December 2015 – Australian Government announces the National Innovation and Science Agenda

The Australian federal government has announced 20 new initiatives to boost research and education in science and business, putting science and innovation at the centre of Australia’s future. These include programs to encourage collaboration between research and industry, leading commercialisation and helping bring ideas to market. Bio-Link’s expertise and services are aligned with these goals. We are excited to be part of Australia’s innovative future.

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1st December 2015 – Deal Facilitated between Children’s Medical Research Institute and Abbexa Ltd

Bio-Link has facilitated an Exclusive License, Supply and Distribution Agreement between Children’s Medical Research Institute and Abbexa Ltd (UK) for telomerase research reagents including a primary antibody and antigenic peptide for telomerase immunoprecipitation and telomerase high-expressing cell pellets. These novel telomerase research products represent powerful and important tools for superior purification of telomerase and more effective and accurate telomerase studies. This agreement makes these research products available to the academic research community for non-commercial research purposes. Click here for the full press release.


1st October 2015 – Bio-Link scouting for Inflammation and Fibrosis Drug Candidates

Bio-Link is currently scouting for in-licensing opportunities on behalf of a biopharmaceutical company client. We are interested in drug candidates at a preclinical lead (or further advanced) stage of development, with a primary focus on inflammation or fibrosis, for the lung, liver or kidney. Bio-Link Executive Director, Dr Christian Toouli, will be attending the AusBiotech 2015 Conference (Melbourne, 7 – 9th October) and would be pleased to meet with companies and institutions which are interested to potentially license or partner relevant drug candidates with a leading biopharma company.

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