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23rd May 2017 – Bio-Link Engaged by Kunovus Technologies

Bio-Link has been engaged by Kunovus Technologies to facilitate partnering of KT009, a preclinical, intra-intervertebral disk-administered regenerative biological therapy for the treatment of degenerative disk disease and chronic back pain. Kunovus Technologies has compelling preclinical data supporting KT009-mediated disk regeneration and subsequent reduction in pain. KT009 is poised to enter GMP manufacturing and formal preclinical assessment prior to clinical evaluation.

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Kunovus Technologies

16th May 2017 – Bio-Link Engaged by Actinogen Medical

Bio-Link has been engaged by Actinogen Medical to facilitate partnering of Xanamem™,a phase II, first-in-class, orally active, brain penetrant, potent and selective 11β-HSD1 inhibitor; designed to reduce regeneration of cortisol within the brain. Today, Actinogen Medical has announced treatment of the first patient in a global phase II clinical study investigating Xanamem™ for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

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2nd May 2017 – Bio-Link Engaged by GenoFAB

Bio-Link has been engaged by GenoFAB to assist with the commercialisation of iVectors™, a new generation of intelligently designed, high-performance, custom protein expression vectors that have been optimized for upstream and downstream processing to rescue difficult-to-manufacture proteins.

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28th March 2017 – Oncology Venture – APO010 approved for testing in phase II multiple myeloma trial

Oncology Venture’s immuno-oncology drug APO010, a first-in-class FAS-ligand, will be tested in a subset of Multiple Myeloma patients identified as likely responders by the Drug Response Predictor (DRPTM) precision medicine technology. Read Full Story Here

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14th February 2017 – Neural Diagnostics Awarded A$2.2M in CRC-P Grant

Neural Diagnostics Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based medtech developer, have been awarded $2.2M in a 2nd round CRC-P grant to develop their EVestG™ technology for medical applications in the field of head trauma. The project is a collaboration with GE Healthcare and Monash University that is expected to be completed in 3 years at a total expenditure of $8.1M.

EVestG™ (ElectroVestibuloGraphy) is a novel technology and medical device that enables a simple, non-invasive test for the objective and accurate classification of a range of neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, Ménière’s disease, schizophrenia and concussion. Potential applications for EVestG™ range from streamlining development of CNS drugs to clinical diagnostics to workplace safety and more.

CRC-Ps are a stream of the Australian CRC Programme in which a small group of collaborators work on a single, short term, industry-identified and industry-led collaborative research project to develop a product, service or process that will solve problems for business and deliver tangible outcomes.

Neural Diagnostics have engaged Bio-Link to facilitate business development and strategic partnerships for EVestG™.

Neural Diagnostics