Bio-link Australia Pty. Ltd.

Diagnostics/Medical Devices

Diagnostic technologies and platforms and medical devices in the Bio-Link portfolio that are available for licensing and partnership include the following:

EVestG™: Objective assessment of neurological diseases and optimisation of CNS drug trials

Developed by medical device company Neural Diagnostics, EVestG is a novel proprietary device that objectively and accurately classifies a range of neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, Ménière’s disease, schizophrenia and concussion. EVestG specifically and non-invasively measures the activity of brain circuits trafficking through the vestibular system, which is linked to motor, emotional and behavioural centres of the brain. Reliability, speed and versatility are the key factors that empower EVestG to revolutionize the clinical assessment of neurological disorders. Summary (PDF)

The Realm System: a precise and cost-effective, real-time technology for quantification of 3-dimensional joint loading

The Realm System is a world first, light-weight and patented real-time measurement technology that introduces a major advancement in the analysis of body movement, in particular in relation to joint loading, which is an important clinical parameter for development of drugs for arthritis, movement disorders, and other conditions. Summary (PDF)

SureStep™: Interactive Step Training System for Prevention of Falls in the Elderly

Developed by Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), the SureStep™ system is an innovative, user-adaptive dance technology that enhances both physical and cognitive functioning, and has the potential to significantly expand the market for products supporting senior safety and independence. Summary (PDF)