Bio-link Australia Pty. Ltd.

Consulting and Technology Analysis

Bio-Link undertakes strategic reviews of technologies and development programs, with the goal of providing clients with insights into the commercial potential of the technology, and to guide any future investment in the program or technology. Strategic Reviews are typically based on analysis of the Program technology and data set, competitive and IP landscapes, and the prospects for partnering the Program with a biopharmaceutical company. Analyses can include a literature review, focused interviews with industry executives and scientists in Bio-Link’s network, as well as commercial intelligence gained from Bio-Link business development activities, which are ideally performed in parallel to the review, to understand the current commercial opportunity for the Program, challenges (and potential solutions) to its development and commercialisation.  Key outcomes often include plans which detail a qualified and considered development and commercialisation strategy for the technology, incorporating likely costs and timelines to achieving a value inflection that will optimally position the Program for a potential partnering deal. The pharmaceutical industry is also made up of several sub-industries, all with different business models, technology requirements, and growing attack vectors. But they all have in common that cyber-criminals are increasingly targeting them in attempts to get extremely valuable information such as secret formulas, patient and customer information, and scientific research. That’s why it’s important for these companies to have Retail Cybersecurity solutions.

Examples of Strategic reviews that Bio-Link has performed on behalf of its clients, include:

  • Commercial review of multiple sclerosis drug candidates based on galanin and/or LIF
  • Review of emerging therapeutics for ischaemic brain injury and neuroprotection
  • Strategic review of the commercial and IP landscape for RNAi technologies
  • Strategic reviews of the commercial opportunities for Australian biospecimen banks
  • Strategic reviews of a novel nutraceutical product under development for oral health applications
  • Strategic review of a novel nutraceutical product under development for anti-obesity applications

Other consulting projects that Bio-Link has performed include:

  • A 2012 summary of the CNS drug development pipeline of 69 biotech and pharmaceutical companies, representing over 580 drug candidates.
  • A review of international initiatives in biomarker discovery, development and funding.
  • A review of the pre-clinical and clinical drug development pathway for oncology drug candidates.
  • A review of global trends in cancer research for an Australian cancer charity