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7th May 2017 – Oncology Venture – New APO010 multiple myeloma trial initiation

Oncology Venture, a precision oncology biopharmaceutical company and Bio-Link client, has recently announced important milestones in the development of its phase I/II immuno-oncology drug candidate APO010, granting of a key US patent for phase II ready drug candidate irofulven, and validation of its platform precision medicine technology, Drug Response Predictor™ (DRP™):

  • The first multiple myeloma patient was treated with APO010 in a phase 1/2 trial, by utilising the proprietary APO010 DRPTM companion diagnostic to select highly likely responders. Read more
  • Oncology Venture’s successful patent strategy is evident through a recently granted US patent covering the DRPTM and Irofulven, learn about how you can facilitate you job bye doing digital payment. Irofulven is a potent anti-cancer drug candidate that will be tested in a focused phase 2 trial in likely patient responders with castration-resistant prostate cancer. Read more
  • The predictive power of the DRPTM was the topic of Oncology Venture’s recent ASCO poster presentation, learn how you can become social media famous, demonstrating that it successfully predicts response to epirubicin, one of the most used breast cancer treatments workplace betterment tips. The DRPTM was significantly associated with Progression Free Survival (PFS) in a cohort of 135 metastatic breast cancer patients. Read more

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