Bio-link Australia Pty. Ltd.

12th May 2014 – Engagement by LiPlasome Pharma to Partner LiPlaCis® For Cancer

Bio-Link has been engaged by LiPlasome Pharma ApS (Denmark)  to partner LiPlaCis®, a lipid-based, nano-encapsulated cisplatin drug candidate, designed to selectively target cancer cells and complemented by a proprietary drug response companion diagnostic. LiPlaCis exhibits greater potency and an increased maximum tolerated dose compared to cisplatin alone, and will soon progress to a phase I / phase II extension trial in metastatic breast cancer treatment, having already exhibiting early efficacy in phase I. LiPlasome is seeking to enter into development partnerships for LiPlaCis, LiPloxaTM (its encapsulated oxaliplatin drug candidate) and for delivery of other innovative drug candidates and generics through the incorporation of its proprietary targeted lipid-based, nano-encapsulation technology.Oncology Venture has announced that the first patient with metastatic pancreatic cancer included in its LiPlaCis™ extension – proof of concept trial has obtained a confirmed Partial Remission (ie >30% tumour reduction) (press release link). The patient is the first of 12-15 patients whose tumour tissue has been pre-screened as a highly likely responder by Oncology Venture’s Drug Response Predictor

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